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Sajjad Ali Songs

Top 10 Best Sajjad Ali Songs

Sajjad Ali (سجادعلی) A.K.A Gagi Bhai born in 1966 on August 24th in Karachi. He is a singer, songwriter, actor, director, model, and musician. His skills on piano other than singing are superb. He released his first album Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics at the age of 10 in 1979. From there on he has sung some fabulous songs throughout the career. He is equally famous in his homeland Pakistan and India which share the same language. Here is a list of top ten best Sajjad Ali songs.

10 Best Sajjad Ali Songs

Tum Naraz Ho

By Sajjad Ali

Album: Love Letter
Released: 1990

Like all his songs, this song is also evergreen and popular in people of all ages. The beautiful lyrics are about convincing the lover and cooling down the rift in relationship.

Har Zulm

By Sajjad Ali

Album: Geet aur ghazlon ka haseen sangam
Released: 2013

The song evokes emotions of deep love from the singer’s end. Sarcastically telling the lover that you never went deep into the sea of love with me so you still have all your options open.


By Sajjad Ali

Album: Best of sajjad ali Collection 2
Released: 2003

A beautiful soft song with very sad lyrics. Asking the lover passionately if he/she still remembers the wonderful moments they spent together.

Teri Yaad

By Sajjad Ali

Album: Teri Yaad -The Collection
Released: 2007

This punjabi song teri yaad is one of the very popular songs of 2007. The lyrics are focused on telling the lover about the heart-breaking distances from the beloved that doesn’t let him fall asleep.


By Sajjad Ali ft. Bohemia

Album: Tamasha
Released: 2017

The song is about the immortality of life. The lyrics, music and punjabi sufi touch of the song takes you in to a journey of sweet melody. The rapper in this song is Bohemia who is a popular punjabi rapper.

Sohni Lagdi

By Sajjad Ali

Album: Sohni Lag Di
Released: 1999

This punjabi song sohni lagdi portrays a flirty young man and had been the song of every family function in Pakistan during early years of the first decade of 21st century.

Paniyon mein

By Sajjad Ali

Artist: Sajjad Ali
Released: 2003

A soft tone with beautiful poetry and melodious voice of Sajjad Ali makes you feel the depth of singing. This is one of the features of all Sajjad Ali Songs. The song portrays life as a sailing boat.

Rang Laaga

By Sajjad Ali

Artist: Sajjad Ali & Sanam Marvi
Released: 2011

Rang Laaga is a soulful sufi song. The lyrics are about a sufi’s shrine where people come with the belief of getting their spiritual needs fulfilled.

Chief Saab

By Sajjad Ali

Album: Sohni Lag Di
Released: 1999

Chief saab went viral on main TV channels of Pakistan. The song was taken by an Urdu feature film as a playback track.

Laari Adda

By Sajjad Ali

Artist: Sajjad Ali
Movie: Aik Aur Love Story
Released: 1999

Another flirty song that took the youth by storm. This track was bought by a film as a playback track right after the release.

Sajjad Ali Wife

Sajjad Ali loved his college mate Noreen and went on to have a marital relationship with her in 1989. He has four kids in his happy family with her. He has two daughters and two sons.

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