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Mary Tyler Moore dies at the age of 80

Mary Tyler Dies

Moore, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1936 and grew up in Los Angeles, rose to worldwide fame starring on the 1960s sitcom “The Dick Van Dyke Present.” She later starred on the beloved 1970s sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Present,” which is without doubt one of the first ...

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Top Ten Facts about the Highest Paid Actress Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winning best actress Jennifer Lawrence is loved and adored by everyone. According to Forbes, J Law. Is the world’s highest-paid actress. We love seeing Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen and admire her qualities, but what do we actually know about her? Here are ten amazing facts about ...

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10 Facts About Model of the Moment, Gigi Hadid You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss

Gigi Hadid is simply 20 years old, but she’s already mounted her way to the peak of the modeling industry. Hadid’s achievement is owed in part to her significant social-media occurrence and the link she has with her fans. Here are 10 amazing facts about Gigi Hadid

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Gauhar Khan’s “Famous Slap Issue” Was Preplanned – Cheap Publicity

Showbiz world is attractive but complicated and dirty world, every star is greedy for publicity. Only few stars are famous just because of their work. Here i want to talk about Gauhar Khan’s slap issue when a Muslim man named Mohammad Aqeel Malik slapped her because of her “short dress” ...

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