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10 Facts About Model of the Moment, Gigi Hadid You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss

Gigi Hadid is simply 20 years old, but she’s already mounted her way to the peak of the modeling industry. Hadid’s achievement is owed in part to her significant social-media occurrence and the link she has with her fans. Here are 10 amazing facts about Gigi Hadid

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Top Ten Facts About Kendall Jenner Model

Name: Kendall Jenner Age: 20 Blows Candles on: November 3rd, 1995 Zodiac: Scorpio Color for Life: Purple Kendall Jenner Bio Being a part of Popular Kardashian’s family, Kendall Jenner was featured on the reality based television show E! Who doesn’t know Kendall? She’s a famous American cosmopolitan, model and super ...

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Top 10 Famous Fashion Designers of the World

Fashion Industry is one of the most profitable industries of the world, even in World Wars fashion related industries were in profit and it reality. If we ask a question “what is fashion?” the simplest answer is “A popular trend, especially in styles of dresses, haircut, shoe wear or related ...

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