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Tech Trends That Helped Cause the Information Age

In case you haven’t noticed, the decades 1990 to the present have seen the world changed more radically than any other time in human history. People are more connected, more productive and more informed (those that can be bothered to read, anyway) than ever before. Yet the development of the ...

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Google Representatives Will Visit Universities in Pakistan for First Time

Good news for Pakistan – Google representatives are going to visit Pakistani universities and the primary target of Google team to discuss the issues about website design, web development and blogging. Pakistan is considered as one of the biggest freelancers’ market. Thousands of students and professionals are offering services online ...

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Kaymu.pk Launches Video Ad to Familiarize Online Shopping

You would probably have heard the line “Sab Kay Mu pe Kaymu.pk” by now. This has gone viral on the cable TV and all forms of social media. As the tagline suggests, it’s the new advertisement by one of the online shopping giants of Pakistan i.e. Kaymu.pk. Kaymu.pk debuts new ...

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No More Blackberry Service in Pakistan

The deadline of the Federal Government of Pakistan to BlackBerry has been extended till 30th December. Today on 30th November was the deadline for BlackBerry to share privacy of its Pakistan’s users with Government of Pakistan. Government wants to get access to Blackberry users’ data but BlackBerry Company is not allowing for ...

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Do You Know About Project Loon? A Balloon Powered Internet

The program called Project Loon, it surely sounds weird, and it’s actually related to the implication of the project i.e. Flight and Insanity, yeah that’s right “insanity” because it sounds crazy. Project started as an experiment. According to this project giant balloons which are 15 meters across are sent into ...

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