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10 Things to know about 13 Reasons Why by Netflix

13 Reasons Why

1- What is 13 Reasons Why? Thirteen Reasons Why is basically a fiction written under young adult genre by Jay Asher in 2007. It is about a teenager Clay Jensen who is being told by a classmate girl who has already committed suicide the 13 reasons why she killed herself ...

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Why Today’s Pakistani Dramas are Different from the Past?

Every time I say this, I get to hear, its cuz then, there was just one channel, to which everybody hath to stay sticked, and now that, there’s a wide variety of platforms. And, that always left me wondering, more platforms weren’t supposed to bring out the bests as comparable ...

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Is It Difficult to Make a TV Commercial Without Women?

Nowadays everything is glamorized, especially in media, movies, TV commercials and dramas etc. Well here we are going to talk about Pakistani TV commercials which are incomplete without a woman. In every TV commercial you will find a woman, which shows that our directors and ad makers are not mature ...

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