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How to Get More Followers on Twitter? – Ten Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is an online social network service as well as a world fastest news source and very sophisticated social media website where you can connect to world celebrities. It considered as a world best news source because of its rapid sharing facility. I remember when US Special forces raided in Abbottabad on Usama Bin Ladin’s house the very first news leaked from a Pakistani tweeter user who were watching this action live from his bedrooms’ window. As he was living near Ladin’s house then international media got the news and it gone viral.

Total Twitter registered users are 232 million, some are using it just for fun and personal usage and other are using for business purposes. Whatever purpose they are using this great social network, everyone wants to increase his followers. Hundreds of twitter users search “how to get more followers on twitter?” on daily basis as they want to see constantly increasing figure of their followers.

It is not a rocket science, anyone can easily increase his/her twitter followers just to follow some rules and tips. Here in this article, I am going to share ten tips to increase twitter followers according to my personal experience. As I have 12k twitter followers around the globe. Hope my readers will enjoy this reading and get great tips which can help them to increase their twitter followers rapidly. Here we go;

Ten Tips to Increase Twitter Followers

1. Complete Your Twitter Bio

First of all you should optimize your twitter bio including profile image, location and bio text. It builds reputation, twitter followers always judge accounts from their bios. So first step should to complete your bio and it should be sophisticated that anyone can easily know about yourself and your professional etc.

2. Connect With Your Friends

After optimizing twitter bio you should connect to your friends who are already using twitter and ask help to increase your followers. In this way you can easily enter in their circles and can get advantage from their presence on Twitter. You can verbally ask them to follow you or use email notifications to show your presence on twitter.

3. Find People That Share Your Interest

Use twitter search feed to find your industry’s relevant people. For example you are a blogger and you want to connect with world bloggers. You should search these keywords in search feed “UK bloggers” “Australian Bloggers” “American bloggers” “Guest Blogging” and some other keywords which can easily bring those profiles who have same interest like you.

4. Follow Twitter Celebrities

Try to follow those persons/profiles who have great followers as connecting with twitter celebrities can help you to get instant followers. Try to interact them, despite of it they are not responding your tweets.

5. Give Favorites and Retweets to Other

Give favorites and retweets to all interesting and your industry relevant tweets with open heart. On Twitter, it is about give and take. When you will give favorites and retweets to other definitely you will get more.

6. Participate In Trends/Use Hash Tags

A Twitter trend refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time. A hashtag is a keyword or phrase that is preceded with a pound (#) sign such as #POTUS or #ObamaSpeech or #NFL. You should participate in hot topics, even you can use hashtag in every tweet but it should make sense.

7. Share Images with Your Tweets

Photos speak louder than words, therefore try to share some photos along with your tweets. For example you are tweeting about a travel destination, take a photo and share it along with your tweet text. That practice will help you to get more attention and it is true that photo based tweets get better response.

8. Interact With Followers

You are on twitter to connect people not to be a silent spectator, so interact with your followers! Jump in their discussions and reply their tweets. That interaction will prove your account as a “real twitter account”. As thousands of fake and robot twitter accounts exist. So prove yourself a human with the help of interaction.

9. Link Your Twitter Profile with Other Networks

Twitter offers lots of apps to connect you with your other social networks. As well as you can show your tweets on your website and blogs. Linking twitter profile with other social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin etc can help you to grow quickly on twitter.

10. Keep Tweeting

Last and the finest tips is “keep twitting” forget about topic. Just keep tweeting about latest news, trends, personal stuff etc. You will get lots of twitter followers when you spent more and more time on Twitter. When you will tweet good and interesting stuff people love to follow you and retweet your tweets.

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