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Hamid Mahmood Biography | CEO of Fastest Growing PSD to HTML Company HTML Pro

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“When you attach Passion with your dream, you’re almost there to achieve it and yes it has been 100% true in my journey of life! Dare to dream and make your way out to mark a difference!”


Hardships in life are never considered ideal for a person’s life but whoever faces them boldly has no comparison with the one who acts cowardly and hides himself in despair. Life’s uncertain_ the most challenging part of my life was being raised by a single parent- leading to financial hurdles and most significantly spending entire life without a sincere personality who pats your back pushes you forward positively against this cruel world. At the age of 5, my mom opted for separation.

Early Years

Being a doctor, my mom has been the most inspiring lady I’d have ever witnessed in my life. Occupying the role of man after leaving my dad, she worked with great effort in order to feed our hunger and earning bread & butter for us. Working endlessly for about 16 hours each day while nurturing moral values in us, she welcomed challenges thrown by the world with open arms.I’m certain there’s no harm calling her my wonder lady because whatever I’m it’s all because of her. Without her, I stand nowhere.

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Practical Life

I clearly remember, I started up my first job of welcoming visitors at a famous restaurant by the age of 17. On the contrary, my elder brother Ahmad Jawad Butt, who’s currently the Director, Telenor Pakistan In sourcing, joined call centre initially, amazed at his super-quick career growth, my interest drifted towards opting up career in the same field by the age of 18. Starting from the scratch, I worked with zeal and effort to sustain in the chosen field glad over the fact that I don’t have to bow down or beg to someone for money.

For approximately 2 years, I’ve been a part of Pakistan’s largest call center OVEX for US campaign where I learned American English accent. Moreover, I used to keep myself surrounded with pious people of my locality where my moral values were further enhanced. Lending an ear to hear them and a generous heart to understand their sorrows regarding life, I turned down-to-earth with exceeding faith in God.

Education & Profession Side by Side

At the same time, I managed to continue my studies while being on job making sure that I’m not left behind in this competitive world where things change with a blink of an eye. My qualification is strewn across the board from Engineering, Accounting/Business to an MBA in Leadership and Management.

1. For a couple of years, I rendered services for US based organizations, coming across the terms of customer services, lead generation and outbound sales. Expanding my social circle with countless friends, there came a day in my life when I was offered job from a Ukraine based Company, PSD2HTML. The promotional task assigned to me at the age of 23 was a challenging one. Being honest and passionate about the given task, I brought up around 300-400 clients to the organization from all across the globe due to my exceptional communication skills in a limited time span of 2.5 years.

2. Determined with success, I was later on offered job by Telenor to work in their BPO department. Being a part of their international campaign, I stepped into the real corporate world where I observed how corporate environment works, how top hierarchy works, KPI systems, QA, Training andacquired accent, web chat skills, email writing skills along with helping managers to get utmost quality work.

Later on, I was contacted by a leading software house for the full-time position of directing their Sales team – after working for a few years I discovered that I’m not with the right crew, their actions opposed the values & commitments they promised to their clientele.

Initiative of HTML Pro

So gearing up in 2013, I started my own business venture HTML Pro, accompanied by one of Ukrainian friend. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out well and I continued my venture by hooking with my friend Hanzala.

Well I believe everything happens for a reason. Going with the flow, at first we out sourced but within month we realized that we have set our foot on a higher pace which freelancers weren’t able to digest and handle maintaining quality work and great customer services. I did certification in HTML, PHP and Graphic Designing back in 2013 which served as added feathers to my cap.

In the year 2014, wekick started by launching a compact office- founded on the humanitarian values that I was taught since childhood i-e being sincere, passionate and devoted to work and fellow beings around me, keeping greediness aside, bringing smile/happiness on every face that I meet. At this point, I poured all my life experiences and knowledge regarding customer services, hierarchies, PM systems, sales accounts, human resource into my own business venture churning into a successful one!

Tremendous Growth of HTML Pro

In the last quarter of 2014, we witnessed tremendous growth by then and that’s when we drafted the idea of expanding our business to a whole new level. Today, we are operating in about 4500 sq ft office, housing recreational facilities for its employees comprising of snooker, table tennis and gaming zone.The company now consists of a rapidly growing team of sales managing experts, project managers and the industries’ most creative designers, front end and back end top gurus to meet the demands of 97% percent satisfied clientele enjoying the bountiful revenue by the grace of God.

I feel really proud to declare that we have expanded our venture HTML Pro in US as LLC and we are gladly counted among the 5 top notch companies in NYC for PSD to HTML conversion service.

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