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Kaymu.pk Reveals New Design to Improve Customer Experience

There has been a rising growth in the E-Commerce industry in Pakistan. Due to the recent and upcoming figures, it is considered to be one of the highly looked upon ones in the state. According to the Tribune, the estimated figures for the year are around $25 million to $30 million which will go up to an astonishing $600 million by 2017.

Kaymu.pk and its Place in the Industry

One of the major players in this industry is Kaymu.pk. This venture started around 2 years back and within a small time of its conception, it has become one of the leading E-commerce marketplaces in the country. It provides buyers and sellers with a platform to interact with each other along with buying and selling very easily.

New and Improved Version of Kaymu.pk

Due to its high popularity and vast customer base, it looks to improve on a number of things to provide a wholesome experience. Minor changes and improvements continuously take place but one of the major things that recently took place is that it completely changed the design of the website. This has been done to improve the overall customer experience. Not only will these changes affect the buyer, they will greatly help the sellers as well.

Wholesome Experience for the User

Now, when you go to the Kaymu.pk website, you can easily navigate through the pages and find what you like. Earlier on, the products and the categories on the pages were clustered together that created a cramped look. But now, everything is clear along with proper spacing to give a better look.


The product categories are clearly displayed on the side and you can choose to go wherever you like. Along with that, the promotional tabs that relate to deals or current events are placed right on top so you cannot miss them.

More Facilities for the Sellers

The sellers are in for a treat right here. Now, they can sign up easily by making an account and sell their products in a very short matter of time. There are more options to get in contact with the buyer and in turn, the buyer can easily ask for anything they like from the seller.

Sellers can easily display their products along with their specifications in a detailed manner for the prospective buyers to see and decide on.

Better Instructions and Guidelines

One of the major benefits of the new design is the guidance factor. There are video tutorials available for the buyers and sellers on how to operate and work their way around the website. Along with that, there are seller rating systems available. The buyers can give rankings to the sellers along with providing reviews which help the seller improve. There is also an option for a live chat that you can use to discuss any important factor.

These new changes and designs will impact the position that Kaymu has in the market in a positive manner. Not only will customers be delighted to see the changes, they will find much more help than they already had in the past.

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