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Online Shopping Increasing Rapidly in Pakistan

With 180 million population, Pakistan is the sixth most populated country of the world where 30 Million people are using internet. According to a recent study almost 15 Million people use smartphone for internet browsing and that figure is increasing rapidly with the passage of time.

Where 15 Million internet users have access to internet on their smartphones they would love to find out the ways to shop online. Fortunately online shopping industry is increasing rapidly in Pakistan and producing thousands of jobs on a monthly basis as online shopping website are engaging new resources to fulfill their customers’ demands and to catch up to the ever increasing demands.

Pakistanis shop in millions on a daily basis where they buy garments, jewelry, electronics, footwear, ladies garments, accessories, laptops, smartphones, mobiles, gifts, books, handbags, watches, shoes, toys and lots of other stuff without any hesitation and having a second thought. But still lot of people feel hesitation in online shopping because they are skeptical which is quite natural and everybody has certain queries regarding online shopping. So without further delay let’s dig into the questions.

Is Online Shopping Is Convenient and Safe?

Usually people think that when we go to shop online and reach on payment method we have to fill lot of forms and put unnecessary personal details and credentials but now time has change. Online shopping service providers are very conscious to provide an easy, safe, convenient and trustful way of payment to their customers. For example lot of famous online shopping websites are offering Free Cash on Delivery Service to their customers which make them more famous and trustful.

TechCity.pk is famous and one of the best online shopping websites of Pakistan. They offer an opportunity to their customers to shop anything related to their routine usage and offer Free Cash on Delivery Service anywhere in Pakistan. If a courier company can reach your address, Techcity.pk can serve you.


What About the Quality of Products They are Selling Online?

We, the People of Pakistan are very conscious about quality as Pakistan is considered as the favorite market of low quality product importers. Almost every online store in Pakistan have a huge list of products, may be in thousands and definitely they are not producing or manufacturing all these products but they are conscious about quality because if they try to trick their customers and sell low quality products, nobody will buy from them ever again. Because free cash on delivery service demands high quality products and exactly what a customer is looking for, there is no need to refuse online shopping opportunity on unnecessary thinking of low quality of particular products.

Why Shop Online When We Have “Bazaars”?

We all know that Time is Money, now a days we are living in era where everyone is super busy in his own stuff like job, study, business, work etc. Therefore people don’t have much time to waste in “Bazaars” and shopkeepers hate to present different variety of products to their customers because shopkeepers’ philosophy is that everyone is not here to buy and yes they are right in this thinking. Usually people love window shopping and then order online for different products. But when you shop online you have no limit of browsing the products until you get your favorite one. You can find different colors, sizes and brands just on one click. For example you are going to buy a T-shirt online, you visit a website and browser the category of casual men wearing, you will find hundreds of shirts with multiple colors and variety and you can select your favorite one and order it, you will find that particular shirt at your door soon. Moreover, online shopping offers you to buy products from brands which are famous in one city but absolutely not available in any other city.

What about Their Rates?

Every person is price conscious, we want to buy high quality product at affordable rates. When we talk about online shopping, there are dozens of online stores who have almost same variety of products. Therefore they always love to offer possible low rates to their customers because they know that if they will not offer attractive price, their visitors switch their website and try to find another online store. So rates are almost same on every store, it is competition among services, quality and variety.

Which is Best Online Store in Pakistan?

As we discussed there are dozens of online stores trying to sell their products but I think you should try TechCity.Pk because they are huge variety of different products including clothing, footwear, watches and jewelry, mobile, smart phones, laptops, accessories, beauty products, home appliances and everything you need. They are offering discount deals and hot offers to build their repute. So feel free to buy anything with Tech City and get your desired product at your home.


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  1. It’s very exciting to know that shopping online is getting popularity in Pakistan as well. This version of shopping is indeed super convenient, and will affect the life of common people in pakistan in a very positive way.
    In developed countries, especially Middle East shopping online is a routine matter, just like buying bread; saves time and money in a lot of ways, as well as respects the customer’s privacy while maintaining his or her independence.
    I’m hopeful that this will help strengthen the country’s economy too.

    A very informative article, and shows the author’s research & sound knowledge of Pakistan’s web market. Our country needs truly passionate, patriotic & sincere people like him who could maintain positive image of Pakistan on international platform.

    • Thank you very much, Hafiz Usman

      Yes i did great research because i love to write on these kinds of topics, Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂

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