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Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Missile Technology

Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Missile Technology

Our planet is becoming more and more deadly dangerous to live because of the nuclear race. By the time nuclear bombs have been tested successfully, they want to build the most accurate nuclear missile technology to carry the bombs. They always have the massive destruction, accuracy of the target and lethal capacity in mind while designing these technologies. There are enough nuclear missiles in this world to destroy the whole planet. 80% of the total nuclear bombs is possessed by the US and Russia.

10 Countries with most Powerful Nuclear Missile Technology

1. Russia

Nuclear Missile Technology Russia
World believes Russia is just popular for having the most deadliest and quality nuclear weapons. Russian Federation is one of the oldest countries in the world and they have the highest quality lethal nuclear missile technology. Possessing 8500 nuclear weapons Russia has been selling to many countries of the world.

2. United States

Nuclear Missile Technology USA
Called super power of the world, United States of America is loaded with nuclear missile technology. The second most powerful nuclear weapon holder in the world having 7700 nuclear weapons. USA has been using and selling nuclear weapons in many countries.

3. Pakistan

Pakistan Nuclear Missile Technology
Pakistan is not as old as Russia and United States but it has developed a nuclear program that includes 120 top quality nuclear weapons. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has successfully tested almost all of their nuclear weapons with 100% success rate.

4. China

Nuclear Missile Technology China
The world knows China for the low-cost bulk production. But they have been working on their nuclear missile technology for years. Peoples Republic of China possess 250 nuclear weapons.

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom Nuclear Missile Technology
United Kingdom is another old powerful country with nuclear power. They have been working on nuclear production for many decades. Great Britian has 225 nuclear weapons.

6. France

Nuclear Missile France
France comes sixth in the race of nuclear missile technology. The French Republic is widely known for its cultural richness. But it is a powerful nuclear country as well with 300 lethal nuclear weapons.

7. India

India Nuclear Missile Technology
India is one of the most important and largest countries in the world. The second largest country for the population has been producing and buying nuclear weapons for many years. India came into existence with Pakistan in 1947. The 3rd largest buyer from Russia has 90 – 100 nuclear weapons.

8. Israel

Israel Nuclear Missile
Israel has never officially accepted to have a nuclear program. The US state department says otherwise. The Jewish State has 80 nuclear weapons in its possession.

9. North Korea

North Korea Nuclear Missile Technology
The country who has faced most international bans for nuclear production is North Korea. Democratic people’s Republic of Korea has a very bad reputation for the use of nuclear missile technology. They are believed to have 10 nuclear weapons under their possession.

10. Iran

Iran Nuclear Technology
Iran has never officially accepted the nuclear production. The western media claims that Iran has been producing nuclear weapons lately. American defense researchers have been trying to figure out the number of nuclear weapons Iran has, but they don’t have a clue so far.

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