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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds of the World

Billions of people around the world keep different animals and birds as their pets and most of them like to have a dog as their pet because it is known that Dog is a faithful animal and love to live with humans. According to FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) latest research, now there are 340 dog breeds in the world, serving humanity for civilian and military purposes. Among all these 340 dog breeds few are the best. Here we are going to enlist the top ten best dog breeds of the world among small dog breeds, wild dogs, medium and big dog breeds.

That rating based on AKC’s (dog breed selector) (American Kennel Club) most popular dog breeds rating in America.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers known as Labrador or (Lab) the most playful, kind, gentle, intelligent and cool dog breed of the world. Its country origin is Canada and USA, according to recent study it is the most popular dog breed of the world and mostly people in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand love to have this dog breed.

Important Details:

Nickname:      Lab
Life Span:       8 – 12 years
Weight:           Male: 27–36 kg, Female: 23 – 32 kg
Colors:            Yellow, Black, Chocolate (most famous one is Yellow)
Height:           Male: 20 – 25 inches, Female: 21 – 25 inches

labrador retriever dog

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherded is a service dog originated in Germany, known as a smart, confident as courageous dog and experts categorize this breed in herding group of dog breeds. This is the most popular and widely recognizable dog breed of the world. German shepherd has war historical background as this breed served German Army in World War II as messenger dogs. This breed is famous because of its outstanding intelligence and kindness.

Important Details:

Nick Name:        Shepherd, Alsatian, Deutscher Schäferhund, DSH
Life Span:           8 – 13 years
Weight:               Male: 28 – 41 kg, Female: 21 – 35 kg
Colors:                Tan with black saddle
Height:               Male: 23 – 27 inches, Female: 21 – 25 inches

german shepherd

3. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is a large sized dog breed also known as a gun dog and experts categorized it in sporting group of dogs as it is very helpful in hunting and shooting parties. Golden Retriever is very intelligent, friendly and devoted dog and very keen in swimming and catching hunted birds from water. Its country origin is Scotland and this dog is popular as disability assistance dog as they serve blinds and deaf people.

Important Details:

Life Span:       8 – 12 years
Weight:           Male: 27–35 kg, Female: 24 – 30 kg
Colors:            Multiple Shades in Gold or Cream
Height:           Male: 22 – 24 inches, Female: 20 – 23 inches

golden retriever dog

4. Bulldog

Bulldog is a muscular and heavy dog with medium size commonly referred to British Bulldog or English bulldog as its country origin is England, UK. However, lots of other bulldog breeds are also famous such as American Bulldog, Leavitt Bulldog, French bulldog and more. It is very famous dog breed in USA as according to 2013 research study of American Kennel Club, bulldogs are the 5th most popular pure dog breed of USA.

Important Details:

Life Span:     8 – 10 years
Weight:         51 – 56 lbs (23–25 kg), Female: 47 – 53 lbs (21 – 24 kg)
Colors:          Red & White, Brindle & White, Fawn & White, Red, Fawn, Gray
Height:         Male: 11 – 17 inches, Female: 11 – 16 inches


5. Beagle

Beagle is a member of hound group dog breed, a small to medium sized dog breed, known as a friendly and curious dog. This breed looks like foxhound but has smaller & shorter legs and soft ears. Its country origin is England therefore also knowns as English beagle. Dog experts believe that beagle breed have existed for 2500 years but this type of beagle standardized and developed in 1800’s in England. This breed has extensive expertise in rabbits and can detect hunting.

Important Details:

Life Span:     11 – 15 years
Weight:         Male: 10 – 12 kg, Female: 8 – 10 kg
Colors:          Tricolor or white, brown & tan, black & tan
Height:          12 – 16 inches

beagle dog

6. Yorkshire Terrier

Dog experts rate Yorkshire terrier in toys group of dog breeds as it is small size dog, originated in Yorkshire England and recognized this breed by AKC in 1885. In late Victorian era breed becomes fashionable pet and still terrier considered as a fashionable dog. Mostly ladies love to have this pet dog, known as an energetic, tomboyish and friendly dog. This breed is on 6th number in most popular dog breeds of United States of America.

Important Details:

Life Span:     12 – 16 years
Weight:         5 – 7 kg
Colors:          Black & Gold, Blue & Gold, Blue & Tan, Black & Tan,
Height:         6 inches

yorkshire terrier dog

7. Poodle

Poodle is a very unique and amazing dog breed as it has its separate recognition, originated in Germany and standardized in France. This breed is known as a non-sporting dog but very smart, proud, active. That special breed was officially recognized in 1887 by AKC. Poodle is in a group of formal dog breed with 10 different colors and multiple sizes such as standard poodle, medium poodle, miniature poodle, and toy poodle. Poodle is famous for tracking and in herding.

Important Details:

Nick Name:      Pudle, Caniche, Barbone
Life Span:         11 – 15 years
Weight:             Male: 28 – 41 kg, Female: 21 – 35 kg
Colors:              White, Black, Gray, Red, Cream, Silver, Apricot, Blue, Brown
Height:              Standard: 17 – 25, Medium: 14 – 18, Miniature: 11 – 14, Toy: 9.4 – 11 inches

poodle dog

8. Boxer

With a very short tale, muscular body and aggressive look, this Boxer is famous as an active, energetic and bright breed. AKC experts rated this dog in working group of dog breeds, originated in Germany. This breed is not very old as it is recognized in early 1900’s. In Germany it has good working record as it was one of the first dog breed in Germany selected for police training.

Important Details:

Life Span:            9 – 12 years
Weight:               Male: 28 – 32 kg, Female: 24 – 28 kg
Colors:                Brindle, Fawn, White
Height:               Male: 22 – 26 inches, Female: 20 – 24 inches

boxer dog

9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is known as a domestic dog breed and also famous with “Rottweil butchers” name. This breeds is in working group of dogs’ breeds as these are very helpful in herding livestock and pulling carts laden. Rottweiler is originated in Germany, famous as a guardian, faithful, loving and loyal dog. It is also considered as one of the oldest dog breeds but officially recognized in early 1900 by AKC.

Important Details:

Life Span:             7 – 10 years
Weight:                Male: 50 – 65 kg, Female: 35 – 50 kg
Colors:                 Black & Tan, Mahogany, Tan
Height:                Male: 25 – 28 inches, Female: 21 – 25 inches

rottweiler dog

10. Pug

With a small size, short legs, long & muscular body, curled tail and short-muzzled face this breed considered as a toy group of dog breeds, originated in China. The pugs are charming, caring, loving, active and playful dogs. Perhaps it is considered as one of the oldest dog breeds of the world as pug has flourished since before 400 BC but officially recognized in 1885 by AKC.

Important Details:

Life Span:      11 – 15 years
Weight:          8 – 10 kg
Colors:           Silver Fawn, Black, Apricot, fully Fawn
Height:          Male: 11 – 12 inches, Female: 9 – 10 inches

pug dog

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