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Top Ten Best Special Forces in The World

Special Forces are considered as key units in any army as the play vital role in special operations like reconnaissance against high-value targets, counter terrorism, hostage rescue, direct action, aggression and more. They lead the forces and go there where regular forces fear to operate. They got special training, special equipment, special missions and special techniques to destroy enemies. Almost every country on the globe has its own Special Forces to fight against any sudden challenge. Among all these Special Forces few are the best. Today, we are going to enlist the top ten best Special Forces in the world. This rating is based on their courage, training, guts, equipment, techniques, bravely and ability to fight in worst situations. Here we go;

1. The British SAS – British Army

The Special Air Service (The British SAS) is a special force unit in British Army, founded in 1941 in World War II as a regiment and later in 1950, reconstituted as a corps. British SAS is considered as world best Special Forces unit because of their special training, counter-terrorism specialty, human intelligence gathering and splendid & historical achievements Since World War II to now.

2. Delta Force – US Army

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, popular as Delta Force of US Army, is the world dangerous Special Forces unit. Delta Force is counterpart and elite unit of world famous US Navy Seals. Delta Force also known as “SEAL Team Six”, that unit formed in 1970 after back to back terrorist attacks on public places. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) uses this key force for highly secret operations.

3. Navy SEALs – US Army

US Navy SEALs is world famous Special Forces group of US Army, trained to operate in all circumstances and environments. US Navy SEALs are the component of the Naval Special Warfare Command. USA use this special unit widely in different operations such as counter terrorism, hostage rescue and high value targets. This unit has participated in world famous wars and operations such as Vietnam War, Iraq War, Somali Civil War, Afghanistan War, Battle of Mogadishu and more.

4. GING – French Army

GING (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is France’s leading Special Forces unit established in 1974 after Munich massacre. GING initially designed as SWAT to face special hostage situations. GING has done very successful operations like hijacked Air France flight operation in 1994, Olympic Winter Games protection, Capture of 6 Somali pirates in a hostage rescue operation and many more.

5. Alpha Group – Russian Army

Alpha Group is the an elite Special Forces unit of Russian Army also known as Spetsgruppa “A” works under the supervision of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). Alpha Group is highly trained and well equipped Special Forces unit established by Russian Secret Agency KGB in 1974. Alpha Group has conducted several special operations such as Aeroflot Flight 6833, Operation Storm-333, operation against bus hijacked in Moscow in 1995, Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis and many more.

6. SSG – Pakistan Army

SSG (Special Services Group) is the world famous Special Operation Forces serving Pakistan Army since 1956. This special commandos unit is regiment sized group where Pakistan Army’s persons voluntarily serve for this unit. SSG is especially trained to face critical hostage situations, counter terrorism, reconnaissance against high-value targets and more. SSG has conducted many operations successfully such as Gibraltar, Grand Mosque Seizure, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 1990, Rah-e-Nijat, Zurb-e-Azab and more. SSG is also responsible to protect high value government and army officials, also service Saudi Royal Family in KSA.

7. UOE – Spanish Army

UOE (Unidad de Operaciones Especiales) established in 1967 as special elite unite under Spanish Navy command. UOE especially established as Naval Special Warfare Force but later designed for all types of warfare. Unit got special training for Combat swimming, Small-craft navigation, Hostage rescue, maritime survival techniques and more.

8. Sayeret Matkal – Israeli Army

Sayeret Matkal is the Special Forces unit of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) works directly under the supervision of Directorate of Military Intelligence. Sayeret Matkal established in 1957 and now this unit has become the leading commando unit of IDF, directly involved in all major operations and raid. This unit has participated in several operations such as 1982 Lebanon War, First Intifada, 2nd Intifada, 2006 Lebanon War and more.

9. Kommando Spezialkräfte – German Army

Kommando Spezialkräfte is elite military unit of German Army created in 1996 but activated later in 1997. It is leading special unit of German army leading all major counter terrorism and hostage-taking operations in all over the Germany. Unit has served in several operations like Kosovo War, Battle of Tora Bora, Operation Anaconda, Afghanistan War and more.

10. JW GROM – Polish Army

JW GROM established in 1990, is the Poland’s elite counter-terrorism unit. Grom stands for Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego in English its meaning is “Thunder”. This unit especially designed for conventional and unconventional warfare roles including counter terrorism, hostage-taking and special intelligence based operations. JW GROM has participated in Afghan and Iraq wars.

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