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Top Ten Nobel Prize Winning Countries

The Noble Prize is a set of annual international awards granted in a number of categories by Norwegian and Swedish committees. This annual international award system invented late in 1895 by a Swedish man Alfred Nobel. The first Nobel Prize awarded in 1901 in the categories of Chemistry, Physics, Literature and Medicine.

The annual prize ceremonies take place in Stockholm, Sweden except Peace Prize. AS the Peace Prize award ceremony is held in Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Foundation annually decides the nominees and the winners. Nobel Prize is a gold medal with Alfred Nobel’s face on the Peace medal and prize of $1.2 million. Till now, hundreds of people have won this great prize in the categories of economics nobel, Physics nobel, nobel peace, Chemistry nobel, medicine nobel and literature nobel.


Do you know who won the first Nobel Prize?

The very first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Frédéric Passy and Henry Dunant in 1901. Both were joint winners of the first Noble Prize award. Frédéric Passy was the French economist and Henry Dunant was the founder of Red Cross.

The 2nd Nobel Prize awarded to a poet Sully Prudhomme in 1901, nominated and selected by The Swedish Academy in Literature category.

Today, we are going to mention the top ten Nobel Prize winning countries all the time along with total number of winning awards. Hope our readers will enjoy this post. That data of the list of Nobel Prize winners countries are till 2015. Here we go;

Top Ten Nobel Prize Winning Countries List

1. United States of America

357 Nobel Prizes

2. United Kingdom

118 Nobel Prizes

3. Germany

102 Nobel Prizes

4. France

67 Nobel Prizes

5. Sweden

31 Nobel Prizes

6. Russia

27 Nobel Prizes

7. Switzerland

26 Nobel Prizes

8. Japan

24 Nobel Prizes

9. Canada

24 Nobel Prizes

10. Austria

21 Nobel Prizes

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