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Top Ten Universities in New Zealand

Studying abroad and from a prestigious institution is a dream of every other student, but in reality it is not easy, it requires lot of money to make this dream a reality, besides that country’s strict policies and high cost of living would not help in making this happen. While there are countries which offer high quality education at reasonable fee structure and the policies of the state regarding visa are not that strict, among such countries is New Zealand. Yes, Study in New Zealand is a good idea as the country offers quality education with world class universities which are ranked among the best universities of the world. The whole education system of New Zealand is similar like that of Singapore and is based on the British system which is prestigious as well as renowned. New Zealand seems very attractive destination for students all over the world as the institutions and universities of New Zealand is regarded as one of the best ones throughout the world.

Another advantage of Studying in New Zealand is that students can experience the unique educational approach of the country, as students in New Zealand are encouraged to think out of the box and that will eventually help students in their development, problem solving and research. New Zealand offers various scholarship programs for all levels and opportunities for internship and research programs. Universities in New Zealand have a reserved number of seats for International students. International students just need a student visa. The courses and programs that Universities of New Zealand offer are considered as best and of high rank on International level and its universities are also considered as the best and are ranked in World’s best Universities rankings. This blog contains top ten best universities of New Zealand and the ranking is based on Time’s ranking of world’s best universities. Hoping that readers will find this blog helpful.

Top 10 Universities in New Zealand

1. University of Auckland

2. University of Otago

3. Victoria University of Wellington

4. University of Canterbury

5. University of Waikato

6. Massey University

7. Auckland University of Technology

8. Lincoln University

9. Eastern University of Technology

10. Unitec Institute of Technology

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